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The stylist has spoken. They want HEAT and IZUTECH delivers. The powerful VULCANN 3900 tames even the thickest hair. It saves time and leaves the hair super shiny and healthy. Its extra-long 11.5 ft cord allows the stylist to safely and freely move around the chair.



3 Heat SettingsWhile standard 3 heat settings apply, the highest heat setting delivers blazing hot heat, sure to impress even the most tenured salon professionals.

2 Fan SpeedPowerful two fan speeds are included for various styling uses.

Cool Shot ButtonImmediate cool air blasts to hold the shape created by the high heat, as well as to dry the hair without any heat damage.

2.5 In. Concentrator NozzleGeared towards salon professionals always, we included the 2.5 in. concentrator nozzle, a must-have arsenal for styling.

Heat Resistant Cool CasingPremium quality material was used in crafting the outer shell to make it heat transference resistant from the inner motor to the outer surface.

True Tourmaline Ceramic HeaterNegative Ions are released with all airflow, locking in moisture in the cuticles for a shinier and softer finish. While many blow dryers claim to be a tourmaline ceramic heater, only few can claim that it will be so for 10 years.


  • The all new VULCANN 3900 has all the heat, power, and refined craftsmanship. With extra-long heavy duty cord and the noise muffling filter cap IZUTECH offers the best salon blower for professionals.
  • Blazing HeatThe premium grade corrugated heater in the VULCANN 3900 is built to handle the force of air propelled by the powerful AC motor into blazing hot heat that salon professionals require today, quickly and efficiently.
  • Extra-long 11.5 Ft CordStandard average blow dryers come with 8.5 FT cord. But one of our top requests from our clients was for a longer cord. So we set ourselves apart by adding extra 3 FT for the convenience.