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No More Waste Cap System.

Salon and beauty products are generally thick, expensive, and become almost impossible to get out of the bottle. The solution to this problem is in your hands... Flip-It! cap System replaces the old cap or malfunctioning pump and allows you to get every drop you paid for, simply, quickly and easily. 

The Flip-It! base cap allows you to store your almost empty bottles upside down, where gravity does the work for you. With just one moving part, all you do is open, squeeze , and dispense. 

Throwing away bottles with product trapped inside is bad for the environment and costly. Each Flip-It! begging to pay for itself the very first time you use it.

Available in: 

  • Single pack- includes: 1 Dispensing Stand + 3 Adapters


  • 6 pack- includes: 6 Base Caps, 24 Reusable Food Grade Gaskets + 1 Free Mesh Storage Bag