Gamma+ X-Ergo Clipper

Gamma+ X-Ergo Clipper

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The magnetic motor, the holy grail of clipper motors, just got souped-up. Already considered the most heavy-duty and professional motor, the X-ERGO features the latest in magnetic motor technology with a microchipped PC board and 9V motor for even more power and torque.

This turbocharged long-life magnetic motor runs at 10,000 strokes per minute, not only offering the ultimate in speed, power, and longevity but the quietest performance of any professional clipper.
 - 10,000 r.p.m High speed magnetic motor
 - Black Diamond Carbon DLC Blade
 - Customizable Click or freestyle lever
 - DUB Magnetic chromed guards
 - Tight or stretch taper length mods
 - Adjustable zero gap blade
 - 3 interchangeable custom body kits

 - 1 year warranty with Gamma (must contact gamma directly)
 - Stretch and tight brackets
 - Charging stand
 - Pass-thru cord (for corded or cordless use)
 - 8 double magnetic guards
 - 3 lids
 - Transparent thumb rest & cleaning matinenance kit
 - Convenient mini screwdriver for blade regulation and custom body modifications