Marmara Barber Cream Wax

Marmara Barber Cream Wax

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 The Barber Cream Wax is made from oil and can be washed out of the hair with shampoo. It has a lovely fresh scent. It is packed in a plastic jar and comes sealed. Each jar from the wax line of Barber has a recognizable color and some are 'glow in the dark'. The waxes, just like the rest of the products of the brand BARBER, have a good price/quality ratio.

-Barber Cream Wax

-Oil base

-Delicious Fresh fragrance

-Easily washable with a shampoo

-Her wax line consists of 7 versions

Apply a small amount with the hands and divide on dry or towel dry hair where desired. Shape the hair with fingers or comb and let it dry.