Speed O Guide

Speed O Guide

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Speed-O-Guide is the “Original Red Comb” for use with virtually all clipper makes and models. Available in six sizes, Speed-O-Guide’s superior-quality plastic combs are both flexible and strong. Create the latest looks in flat tops, crew cuts, buzz cuts, tapering, layering, texturizing and more.

  • Protects the scalp from the moving blades of electric hair clippers
  • Fits most major brands of hair clippers
  • Metal clip withstands many changes without breaking, unlike plastic clips
  • Teeth are sized and spaced for accurate measuring
  • Smooth teeth edges

 Available in 6 different Sizes:

  • 000-1/32”
  • 00-1/16”
  • 0-3/16”
  • 0A-5/16”
  • 1-7/16”
  • 2-11/16”